Tamil Unicode input made Easy!

Thanks to my discussion with Muthu Nedumaran, Badri Seshadri, Maalan, Suba and Mathy. I derived the following easy method for Unicode Tamil Input.


1. Get the latest version of Murasu Anjal http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anjal/files You may have become a member of Anjal eMail group. Get this superb Tamil editing software "free". Install this software in your system. Allow 'Anjal' to run in the background. This is important! Anjal related web functions are enabled only when you allow this software to run in the background (this simply means "minimize" the software).

2. Choose 'Anjal' as your phonetical keyboard and TSCII 1.7 as your input 'encoding'.

3. Type your content in Tamil.

4. Select the content and choose 'convert selection' and convert this selection to 'unicode'. Your Tamil will look slightly different now. Don't worry.

5. Now cut this Unicode Tamil and paste it in the Blogger or any Blog hosting website in the "New Post" category. Post and publish it.

[there is another way of converting a Tamil text into Unicode at http://www.suratha.com/reader.htm]

6. You need to do a simple editing in your 'default' template. Insert the following Tags

*font face="TSCu_InaiMathi, Latha"* at *$BlogDescription$* - if you want to leave some greetings in the front!

as well as at

*$BlogItemBody$* in the Blog Post - this is very important b'cos if Murasu Anjal is turned-off still the default font "Latha" helps the XP readers to view the Unicode Tamil.

[* replace asterick with < or > appropriately!]

Leave the rest unmodified (I mean the other style formatting).

7. View your Blog now. Bingo! You should see Unicode Tamil in your favorite Inaimathi TSC_u font or the big, fatty "Latha"!

Muthu wrote to me that TSC_u stands for TSCII 1.7 and Unicode rendering. So, it is important that Murasu Anjal runs at the background. If you fail to click-on the Anjal, the default "Latha" font in Windows XP should take care of the Unicode Tamil rendering. I presume you should allow your XP to support 'indic' languages. If you have not done it during your installation, you may do so later with your Windows XP CD. You don't have to worry about if you run Anjal in the background.

That is how this page is created.

Thanks to Muthu. Murasu Anjal made Tamil Unicode Blogging very easy!

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