Hello Everybody! Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam. I am through an exciting time in Vietnam.

The first part is that I am in a Chemical Congress where I was invited to present a paper where three Noble Laurettes from Japan, Taiwan and France shared the floor as well. Unlike the euphorbia that we see in Tamilnadu on any function organized by the Government, the Noble Laurettes behaved exactly like the rest of us. The scientific community treated them special but not too special. They were around to talk to and share views. I shall post some photos in a special series on this soon.

The second point is visiting Vietnam. There was an innate joy in me when I landed in this land of very brave people. This is one country which opposed to the 'big brother' attitude of America. Unfortunately it faced a heavy penalty for that. USA, the champion of Democracy went for a chemical war fare with these Asian people. The result this soil is heavily contaminated with Dioxin a deadly poison. This is part of my research area. I make plans for collaboration. USA opposes nuclear priliferation in the rest of the world but was the first one to use a nuclear weapon, again, against Asians!

USA vazhi is thani vazhi!!

My talk went on very well. It was received very well and I have invited to deliver another talk today at Hanoi University.

BTW, happy Deepavali to you. I am happy that I am in an old Hindu kingdom (Chamba Kingdom) and the largest Hindu temples are only couple of hundred kilometers from Hanaoi. That makes me happy. I miss my family and the Deepavali joy. Neverthless, this is an unique opportunity as well. Have fun. I post this from a Hotel facility. (I lost my first posting due to poor connetion!)

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