Copper plate documentation of A.D.8 (?) from Tamilnadu

A recent post from e-suvadi forum:

Digital advancement has given us several advantages that we could not
have imagined a century ago. I obtained yesterday four scans of a
copper plate documentation from British Library for the perusal of
E-suvadi scholars. I believe the script is Vatteluttu most probably of
the Chera-Pandiya type, and perhaps belonging to 8th cent. A. D.

I request scholars to have a look at it and if we could read the
content of the documentation that will be an addition to Tamil
history. As it was larger than the scanner, it was scanned in 4 parts.
The brighter parts form first side of the plate and darker the reverse
of the copperplate.

I would really appreciate it if you could devote some time on it.
Please feel free to copy the digital images, print it, take them to a
friend or Institute that specializes in ancient scripts or to an
ameteur with a passion on Tamil history.

This is for the first time in history that we could see treasures of
British Library in a digital form in public forums like this. By
helping the British Library authorities we help ourselves by
registering our history in Britain and rest of the world.

The digital images are available in our photo section with the caption
'ceppEdu" To get the best resolution you may have to download the
images. For people who are not familiar with Yahoo groups, please
click : and then click 'Photos"
in the left-side bar.

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